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Looking for a best blood bank software? The easy software solutions is an IT company and blood bank software vendor in INDIA that offers a blood bank data management system to easily record all the laboratory and donor details with its 300+ features and modules. We have over 10+ years of experience as a Healthcare software development company. With the remarkable experience, our software experts have enabled us to become a trusted blood bank software provider by completing 200+ software and satisfying 50+ clients across the world. We have combined creativity and imagination to create the 100% user-friendly and interactive computerize blood bank software with our team of 50+ skilled developers by covering the needs of all laboratory and hospital.

About Us

Easy Software solution is a software development company and blood bank software supplier in INDIA.

          At the time when one requires a few drops of blood can be explained as the difference between life and death. Every second, someone, somewhere in a country is in need of this precious element called “Blood”. The need of blood for survival and cure is the exclusive reason that brings existence to blood banks.

          Easy Software Company is a leading software development company based in Ahmedabad, India is primarily focused offering design and development of complete Blood Bank Management Software. The result of our study says there is no other area of clinical laboratory that requires more paperwork associated with its individual services than that of the blood bank. The intense clerical activity in the blood bank has inspired us to automate process involved in blood management. Our blood bank software is a coordination of health care, computer science and information science.

          Blood as a life saving element makes blood banking very critical and complex operation with every unit of blood acting as a batch. Our blood banking management software is not restricted to managing the donor’s list or the collection and storage of blood but also capable to manage information of transfusion of each blood component. The process of blood management like testing, transfusion, distribution and tracking of all the information is taken care by our software product.Our blood bank software is readily scalable and adaptable to meet the complex need of the key facilitator of healthcare sectors like blood banks.

          We are here to offer fully automated blood centers with barcode systems, robotics and integrated ERP system under the guidance of leading blood centers professionally run by best of doctors management and IT professionals and financial professionals.

Our Process

We understand your requirements to maintain blood bank details and try to keep the codes simple as it proves to be time-saving.














Our Blood Bank Software Features and Modules


Donor Registration
Donor Medical Examination
Acceptance or deferral of donor
Blood Collection
Bag selection with mfg. detail
Post donation complication & treatment
Red Cell Serology-Cell / Serum group
Infectious Marker testing-Elisa & Rapid
Component Separation
Quarantine of units
Transfer to stock (Inventory)
Reserve/Un reserve of unit
Discard with reason
Autoclave of discarded units & to incineration
Storage Center
Donor Sample discard

REGISTERS, required by regulatory authority

Master Register
Donor Registration / Counseling Register
Donor Deferral Register
Donor Adverse Reaction Register
Cell / Serum Grouping Register
Blood Component Preparation Register
Elisa Screening Register
Rapid Screening Register
Patient Register
Patient Register
Crossmatch Register
Issue Bags Register
Discard Unit Register
Daily Stock Report
Adverse Transfusion Reaction
Monthly Report


Detail of camp
Detail of accepted donors
Detail of rejected donors
Organization / Organizer Detail


QC of all Reagents
QC of Blood & Blood components


Tracking of blood unit
Sticky Notes
Two way Traceability
SMS on donor Birthdate, Wedding Anniversary

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Blood Bank Management Software

Why To Choose Our Blood Bank Software?

          Easy Software solution has created a best blood management software in INDIA, Our software generates reports, billing, inventory, accounts and master registers, donor register, Donor Medical Examination, Quarantine of units, Storage Center, Donor Sample discard for blood bank organization or hospitals. And if you will arrange a donation camp then you can also get details of accepted donors, details of rejected donors. It has a list of features that make your work fast and easy.

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